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Sunday, April 24, 2005

For the love of fiber

I have not posted in a waiting to be sheared Age. Sorry! It seems that I keep myself busy with 9-10 hour days at work [longer ones and more of them are looming on the Event Horizon]. I also am keyed into helping Laura get her New Room done and workable, prepare for NH Sheep and Wool on May 14-15th, buy inventory and proof out booth concepts....so you see where I am going with this.

With the orienteering skills of an Owl, Laura found Joyce's in Orange MA and brought home my latest wheel acquisition; a barely used Ashford Traditional. It is the lovely light color and finish, waiting to be Woodbeams'ed. After tightening it up, it spun like it Lives_for_it.

Photo's forthcoming, along with other entries [oh yeah, sure sure]


Monday, February 21, 2005


I am happy with the gun metal blue/green of the recently dyed grey Crocus II [female romney, age 3]. The base grey and blue dye has yielded a fine metallic color. I drum carded the dyed portion of her fleece in one pass and because of the excellent staple and mixing, I won't do another pass. Plus it is remarkably soft in this form. I mean Really! Soft! Really! And looking as if it is spiked with silk.

Because I didn't have a diz [couldn't find it], I found a short length of maybe 1/2" dowel and drilled one hole in it, approx. 1/8". It seems I have designed a DowelDiz, needing only to have a slight taper to the hole edges. I'll take a stab at making more, say with walnut, maple and cherry dowels. It works remarkably well. needing only to be a little longer for a better grip and a series of holes of different diameters. I pulled the fiber right off the drum as I rotated it backwards [the fiber releases easier in this direction]. Piece of cake! I'll spin it up on the Joy because Sarah {Salamander] has borrowed the Louet S-10 for her class at CSV next week.

I had a juicy entry written last Tuesday, the 15th, but lost it in the preview process for some unknown reason. I now compose in Word, then copy paste into here. I have downloaded more photos, needing only to write them up and install them in another posting.

This past weekend I dyed Blue, a rather brilliant blue, in fact. My camera does not give justice to blue, by the way. I dyed 2 skeins of creamy Balky [Balk Farm, Northfield MA] Dorset/Finn [processed and spun up at Green Mountain Spinnery]. I threw in several silk hankies purchased at the Robin Russo Silk Workshop back in January. They are blue, too.

More fairly soon, I hope!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

And so you see

Salamander [Sarah] and Goldfinch [Laura] prodded me to consider a Blog, my first, actually. So they got started this afternoon, laid the foundation and raised the rafters. What I didn't tell them was that I was going to create one anyway so I could post in their respective Blogs, which was the only way to do so! Go figure.

I will attempt to measure up to their standards and create some of my own!

Happy Fibering to all, and to all, thoughts of Yak and Silk !_!0o.

Come on in, Doug, the water's fine!

Doug's tabby weave:

Doug's "new" flax wheel to be restored: